The Group

GRUPO CUÑADO, that started its activity in 1.963, currently consists of 12 companies which supply pipes, valves, accessories and miscellanea necessary for any type of industry.


Its headquarters are in Madrid,
C/Orense, 58
28020 Madrid
Telephone 91.597.31.25




and its main premises with 250.000 m². in
Ctra. de Daganzo, km. 2,4
28806 Alcalá de Henares (Madrid)
Telephone 91.887.87.00

In Spain, Grupo Cuñado counts with different warehouses and offices that are operative centres to provide whole logistic service in all the country.

Its subsidiaries work with all industrial sectors: chemical and petrochemical plants, refineries, power stations, , nuclear power stations, metallurgical, siderometallurgical, paper, food industry, naval construction, gas...


Being innovative in all the sectors it works in, it is an international organisation with its 64 offices and warehouses all around the world, in the five continents.


Since it was founded, the aim of the Group has been to satisfy the more and more demanding levels from its customers as well as competent national and international organisations.


For this, it counts with a team of professional experts in its Quality Control division that, independently from the commercial organisation, deals exclusively with the QUALITY WARRANTY.


The job of these technicians is the suppliers’ evaluation, manufacturing process control, receipt and storage of goods and certificates control and testing, as well as customers supply control.


Grupo Cuñado counts with the Certificates ISO 9001 and 14001.


Every company within the Grupo Cuñado specializes in just one product range. This allows them to have a wider knowledge of the market and collaborate more closely with their clients, since the number of codified products in the group is higher than 45.000.


Among its main features, we can highlight the following ones:

  • Its financial consistency which has allowed the group to re-invest the benefits in the business development and improvement throughout the years, achieving a solid situation and stability in the market.
  • Its effort to improve the services to their clients. Specialists in packets for big projects, they offer an integral offer complete program that, as a result of its investment in R&D, has helped to plan and improve the operation costs in the projects, reducing this way the execution time.

Being of a familiar nature, in its second generation it combines experience and youth, making quick decisions and aiming at improving its competitiveness in Spain as well as internationally.


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