Quality Guarantee

Grupo Cuñado fulfils all quality controls and certifications in force.


Grupo Cuñado quality policy is based on continuous improvement through attention and satisfaction of all our customers. We reckon the best way to do this is getting a holistic knowledge of all of them through their needs and technical demands.


In order to do this, we select the best manufacturers in the market and the highest-quality products applying the most appropriate media for this purpose.


Our work philosophy is aimed at improving our activities. This is reflected in our Quality and Procedures Handbook, which allows a continuous improvement whose result is the trust of our customers for more than 46 years.


In this way, we have maintained the certificate of our System of Quality Management according to ISO 9001 since 1994, by means of one of the external most demanding and prestigious entities.


We think that in this steady improvement we cannot forget about one of the main worries in the world: the Environment. Our environmental concern has made us adapt all our activities to highest respect for the environment. In 2009 our Environmental Managing System has been acknowledged by means of the ISO 14001:2004 certificate.


We are fully convinced that maintaining both management systems is beneficial and essential to reach our goals.

The prestige of Grupo Cuñado is recognised with its endorsement as supplier by means of its different companies, in the main international companies within the most demanding sectors: Repsol, Cepsa, Bp Oil, Iberdrola, Endesa, Enagas, Gas Natural,…

We highlight the endorsement by the Grupo de Centrales Nucleares Españolas (Spanish Nuclear Power Stations Group): Almaraz, Trillo, Ascó, Vandellós, Cofrentes, Garoña...


Our documentation management system, fully computerized by means of SAP, offers our customers the guarantee that they will immediately receive the desired response to any of their documental needs. Besides, the electronic archive of material certificates allows us to have a complete control of them in a permanent way, maintaining the images from the original certificates from manufacturers.


Our technical department allows us to analyse the particular specifications from every customer, as well as any manufacturing or quality norm (ASME, ASTM, EN, DIN, ISO,…), guaranteeing the fulfillment of supplied goods.


Any additional test required on any material will be carried out in our premises by authorised external laboratories, whose choice is left up to the customer.


We are ready for any external inspection in our premises, with all available applicable norms and measuring media necessary for the correct checking of materials. We count with a computerized test bench for valves, melted as well as forged, to carry out hydrostatic tests in front of the customer when required.


In Grupo Cuñado our daily work is aimed at the fulfillment of a demanding Quality Policy: careful attention to our customers and their complete satisfaction. We reckon that the best way to get this is a holistic knowledge of our customers by means of their needs and technical requirements. This philosophy has kept our customers trust for 46 years and it will hopefully be also this way in the future..

For this, the Group has recorded their activities in the Quality and Procedures Handbook, which are periodically evaluated by independent institutions. These institutions certify our fulfillment with international requirements by means of the corresponding Quality Auditory. Grupo cuñado got the Certificate ISO 9001 in 1994 for the first time, which has recently renewed.


Developing initiatives to be up to date regarding International Norms, Grupo Cuñado could not forget the latest requirements concerning Environmental Issues. This new goal made us improve, develop and adapt our activities to fully respect the environment. This was recognised with the Certificate ISO 14001, in 2009.


Additionally to the general quality criteria, our concern is to count with media to guarantee that our products meet customers’ requirements. In the first place, by means of our suppliers’ selection and evaluation procedure, requiring them to fulfill the corresponding quality guarantees and after this, registering the quality certificates in our computer system of acquired goods. Our system is designed in such a way that any certificate can be accessed in every moment, on a one-to-one and error-free basis, guaranteeing the availability of these media to our customers.


Likewise, we have a computer tool for projects documental managements, which help us in procedures related to planes management, approval and filing, procedures, etc… for each order, as well as the creation of the project final dossiers.


Our premises allow our customers the quality management by means of their Inspection Agencies. The inspectors count with every chance to stay in our offices and carry out inspection tasks at every moment; our staff offers them all products, quality certificates, measuring devices, etc. to carry out their activity.


We also count with a Valves Test Bench, to carry out pressure tests in situ.