Culture, principles and value

One Culture

that identifies us as a Group and differentiates us from the rest.

The business World is more and more competitive.


Technological developments and globalization often contribute to an approximation of values, cultural differences among people, and obviously, among companies.


In order to be able to compete and win, in Grupo Cuñado we have always been able to train and motivate a great human team, who has made our business development possible.



We have created a fidelity relationship based on professionalism, trust and efficiency centered on customer service, with the aim of detecting and satisfying their current as well as future needs.


Since the real difference among companies lies on its human side, it has always been clear for us in Cuñado that it is here where our strength as a group is.

As a Principle


From the respect, commitment and responsibility.

Respect to others, to agreements and to deadlines is the reflection of our commitment with the project, with our customers and with our collaborators.


Our business is based on professionalism and trust in everyone, independently of their responsibility degree.


We undertake commitments and make decisions knowing how to delegate and involving all of us in the business; growing and helping to grow.



With Solid Values

We want to be more and better.


But we also have solid values which guide us in our performance. Values we share with every person that joins our projects.








  • Integrity. This means being consequent with our own believes and values. Integrity is the base of self-esteem, trust and personal or professional value. It also means being honest to ourselves, knowing our limits and admitting our mistakes in order to be able to improve and grow on solid grounds.
  • Innovation. Innovation is essential to respond to the needs of our customers. We have to anticipate by developing new and competitive products in order to increase our advantage in relation to the competence, being more dynamic and responding more quickly to changes in the market.

  • Steady improvement. Our professional performance is subject to results and follows quality and efficiency criteria adding value for our customers. We steadily reflect not only on what we do, but also on how we do it. If there is a better way to do things, our aim is to find it, by improving processes and adding value to our intervention.

  • Work as a team. Team performance is always superior to individual performance. We do not behave alone, we do not work alone. Our efforts are aimed at the creation of synergies with our colleagues, and with other departments, improving communication in every way so that team work is a reality.